New Video: MG HS Exterior Deep Clean & Coating Maintenance

I recently completed an exterior deep clean on this MG HS which you can see the full process of on the YouTube channel. This car has been previously ceramic coated and was treated to:

Exterior safe-wash
Embedded iron deposit removal
Tar deposit removal
Mineral deposit/ salt removal
Ceramic coating top-up protection

In order to keep a ceramic coating in good condition it is important to chemically decontaminate it to remove iron, tar and mineral deposits. This should be done roughly every 5000 miles to keep the coating fresh and help extend the lifespan. This Exterior Deep Clean service can also be performed on vehicles which have no previous protection applied, as it includes the application of a sealant or the option to upgrade to a 1-year ceramic coating.

If you are interested in booking this service, please call 07894 074109 or send an email to



Heather is a professional car detailer & valeter based in Cheshire and the owner of Auto Care HQ. A familiar face in the car detailing community, she has written over 200 car detailing guides on and has produced over 165 videos on the Auto Care HQ YouTube channel.

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